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Improving Strength With Neuro-Power-Training | NPT Strength Training Techniques
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NPT Strength Training Techniques Strength Training for women Improving Strength With Neuro-Power-Training

September 7th, 2011, 11:09:13 admin

jumping on the beach girl 150x150 Improving Strength With Neuro Power Training  Improving Strength With Neuro-Power-Training

More women are into strength training nowadays. They are starting to see it helps with their profession and or   sports ability. Although more females are doing strength training, they are still a significant minority because     it’s not most girls’ dream to be that muscular. If you are looking for “muscle strength training” that doesn’t          mean you have to have large muscles but you still want the power to be there, look at Neuro-Power-Training.

 Neuro-Power-Training Techniques For Women

We all know that women have a different body structure compared to men, so that’s why us girls need an ‘edge’ on those big fella’s who say we are weak because we are women. Even though there are hormonal differences between us, its really the mechanics of the muscles we can improve on as well. Already we do more per pound of muscle compared to the Men. Women, on the other hand, only have a limited opportunity to prove they have just as much ability if not shear strength. This is normal and this is nature. Come to think of it. The only female figures that you can see in promotions are either athletic, body builders or wrestlers.

We know a woman is less likely to build some muscles even though she undergoes the same strength training that a particular guy has gone through? Women can build enough muscle strength and endurance without risking injury with a series of easy technique changes from Neuro-Power-Training (NPT). Now strength training techniques designed for women alone can still produce more actual power per pound of muscle mass than the men can who don’t know NPT. So, are we going to tell them? No way!

What’s NPT? You may already be familiar with certain bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups, lunges and dips. One great advantage of these bodyweight exercises as weight training is the fact that they can be done anywhere and anytime that you want. SO can the use of NPT be used any time, even with bodyweight training. And what if I told you that doing ANY exercise in combination with NPT will double your power (measured as strength) in half the time. That means it can take us just the same time in exercise to attain the same strength as the guys!! No that’s a game changer

If you are really planning to build muscular strength and endurance you must look for Neuro-Power-Training and add it into your exercise plan. You know for a fact that your safety is important and a lot of hype is developed for protecting the ‘weaker sex’. well I for one am tired of the cotton wool world and now I have found NPT, I will be giving as much as I get.
This is Brand New so I expect that even your coach or sports professional, like a gym instructor or a fitness trainer would not have heard of NPT or will be able to guide you in using NPT. If anything you will be teaching them about this amazing set of techniques.

Watch for my next article where I get into some more details about Neuro – Power – Training.

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 Improving Strength With Neuro Power Training

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