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Basic Strength Training Techniques for Women | NPT Strength Training Techniques
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NPT Strength Training Techniques Strength Training for women Basic Strength Training Techniques for Women

January 27th, 2011, 12:01:12 admin

strength training exercises Basic Strength Training Techniques for Women Strength training techniques for women refers to the exercise that requires muscles to exert force against some form of resistance.  This may be weight training technique or muscle strength training. Either of the two yields an amazing visual and inner result.  These training techniques should be performed two to three times weekly at twenty minutes.

Strength training techniques improve a woman’s muscle strength and endurance.  This will allow her to increase her performance of everyday work.  It will also improve her circulation, coordination, and balance. Take away the doubt that muscle strength training is not good for women.  It is good for women as it is for men.  A great technique that one should remember in performing muscle strength training for women is stretching.  Stretching is an essential activity in doing them. Stretching before weight training prepares the joints for motion and increases the range of motion of the area being stretched.   Stretching reduces soreness and helps prevent cramps.  There are some techniques that you should bear in mind while stretching.  You should stretch until you feel a slight tension. Hold for about ten to twenty seconds.

In performing strength training techniques for women, you should remember that proper body alignment and breathing are essential components in muscle strength training.  Proper body alignment happens when the feet are shoulder and width apart with knees slightly bent when you are standing.   Breathing should never be put to hold.  Breathing in should be done at rising exercise and breathing out during falling or going back to position exercise.  Breathing should be done in a rhythmic manner.  It is recommended to have a set of eight up to twelve repetitions.  As training had started, you should overload initially by increasing the number of repetitions and increasing free weights. Do not over-train yourself, but make sure that all muscle groups are included in every training session. Over-training results in fatigue and it always have an unpleasant effect.

One basic strength training technique for women is the upright row exercise. Upright row is an exercise designed for shoulders, neck and upper back.  This is done by standing with arms hanging in front of thighs.  Your palms should be facing your thighs and your dumbbells close together.  While you are keeping your palms close to your body, raise the dumbbells simultaneously to your chin. After doing the raising of dumbbells, lower it to the starting position and repeat this 8 to 12 times.

Another example of muscle strength training designed for women’s triceps is the one-arm dumbbell triceps cur.  This strength training technique is done by standing straight with head up and feet sixteen inches apart.  You hold your dumbbell in right hand and raise it overhead arm’s-length with the upper arm close to hear.  After doing so, you lower your dumbbell.  Lowering the dumbbell is done in semicircular motion behind head and until the forearm touches biceps.  When you return to the starting position you transfer dumbbell to your left arm and repeat procedure.  You can do a set of this for eight times.  Remember that you should inhale as you lift the dumbbell then exhale when putting it down.

Strength training techniques are easy and very beneficial for women.  Let us not be lazy in doing such especially that we are growing older.

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 Basic Strength Training Techniques for Women

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