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Strength Training For Women | NPT Strength Training Techniques
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NPT Strength Training Techniques Strength Training for women

September 7th, 2011, 11:09:13 admin

jumping on the beach girl 150x150 Improving Strength With Neuro Power Training  Improving Strength With Neuro-Power-Training

More women are into strength training nowadays. They are starting to see it helps with their profession and or   sports ability. Although more females are doing strength training, they are still a significant minority because     it’s not most girls’ dream to be that muscular. If you are looking for “muscle strength training” that doesn’t          mean you have to have large muscles but you still want the power to be there, look at Neuro-Power-Training.

 Neuro-Power-Training Techniques For Women

We all know that women have a different body structure compared to men, so that’s why us girls need an ‘edge’ on those big fella’s who say we are weak because we are women. Even though there are hormonal differences between us, its really the mechanics of the muscles we can improve on as well. Already we do more per pound of muscle compared to the Men. Women, on the other hand, only have a limited opportunity to prove they have just as much ability if not shear strength. This is normal and this is nature. Come to think of it. The only female figures that you can see in promotions are either athletic, body builders or wrestlers.

We know a woman is less likely to build some muscles even though she undergoes the same strength training that a particular guy has gone through? Women can build enough muscle strength and endurance without risking injury with a series of easy technique changes from Neuro-Power-Training (NPT). Now strength training techniques designed for women alone can still produce more actual power per pound of muscle mass than the men can who don’t know NPT. So, are we going to tell them? No way!

What’s NPT? You may already be familiar with certain bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups, lunges and dips. One great advantage of these bodyweight exercises as weight training is the fact that they can be done anywhere and anytime that you want. SO can the use of NPT be used any time, even with bodyweight training. And what if I told you that doing ANY exercise in combination with NPT will double your power (measured as strength) in half the time. That means it can take us just the same time in exercise to attain the same strength as the guys!! No that’s a game changer

If you are really planning to build muscular strength and endurance you must look for Neuro-Power-Training and add it into your exercise plan. You know for a fact that your safety is important and a lot of hype is developed for protecting the ‘weaker sex’. well I for one am tired of the cotton wool world and now I have found NPT, I will be giving as much as I get.
This is Brand New so I expect that even your coach or sports professional, like a gym instructor or a fitness trainer would not have heard of NPT or will be able to guide you in using NPT. If anything you will be teaching them about this amazing set of techniques.

Watch for my next article where I get into some more details about Neuro – Power – Training.

January 28th, 2011, 06:01:24 admin

weights Switch Your Strength Training For Continuous Muscle Growth: 5 Areas To Improve On Strength Training TechniquesThe basic principle of strength training revolves around manipulation of the repetitions, sets, exercises and resistance to cause desired changes in strength, endurance, size or shape. This can be done simply by overloading a specific muscle group or several groups at the same time. It is important to know the proper strength training techniques to be able to see results. It is also a requirement that proper strength training techniques are done to ensure you do not incur injuries.

Often the strength training techniques for women and men are similar in essence having only differences in goals. Even men have different reasons why they train. It can be sports-related, body building-related or perhaps basically, just trying to improve their overall health.

Before, men dominated the lifting world but now more and more people are into getting healthier lifestyles and even in body building competitions, pageants for women are very much side by side with the male counterpart. Weight training for women is now a common sight in fitness magazines and topics in television shows.

The problem nowadays is that most beginners going to gyms and start their routine usually do not understand or even know the basics of muscle strength training. In effect, many of them yield less or no results at all and some even develop injuries that are often irreversible. There are 5 major aspects of strength training techniques that you should understand:

1.    Selection

Perform at least one exercise for each major muscle group to promote balance in muscle development. This also avoids training injuries that can be permanent.

2.    Sequence

The safe trend is to do larger muscle groups first before proceeding to the smaller groups. This allows you to do the more complicated and demanding exercises first when your energy is still at optimum level. Do exercises that target same muscle groups together. Chest and triceps exercises go hand in hand as well as back and bicep routines. Remember that bench presses also incorporate bicep activity.

3.    Sets

A set comprises a number of successive repetitions performed without resting. The number of sets per exercise depends on one’s goal, interest and personal preference. The first set one should ever do must be the warm-up set that is supposed to be between 15-20 repetitions using very light weights. Succeeding number of sets can range from 1 to 5 depending on goals, with the lower incorporating heavier weights for strength and with the higher using lighter weights for endurance. Repetitions can range from 3-12 with the lower values focusing more in strength.

4.    Form

One critical training mistake that may be most costly when it comes to weight training techniques is poor technique or form. Start from the lightest weights and add as you get stronger. Use the ones that you can do the exercise perfectly without shaking and speeding up the repetitions. Improper form usually is the cause of injury.

5.    Range of Motion

Do each exercise through a full range of motion, pause at the end of the positive phase, and then slowly back up on the negative phase. Full range of motion allows for stimulation of a broader spectrum of muscle fibers.

January 28th, 2011, 05:01:15 admin

yoga2 Start Your Strength Training For More Flexibility And Injury Prevention: 5 Myths In Strength Training Techniques That You Should KnowHaving a membership in a gym can be very expensive. People who enroll in fitness training programs usually want to get the most out what they are paying. But most people do not see the results that they want, and that is why they fail and end up discontinuing their training regimen. Some of those who quit even before they have truly understood the principles of training usually have problems that are very simple.

Lack of knowledge in basics and misconceptions on techniques and other aspects of training are very rampant in gyms because you see a lot of people training with different goals. Keep in mind that the guy training next to you might want to gain weight instead of losing it. Another might be training for an upcoming marathon. Hence, you have to have your own unique set of exercises.

Different sports employ different strategies and strength training techniques. Weight training for women can also be a different case for men. Strength training techniques for women are often unique to their physique and strength. Nevertheless, muscle strength training in general employs the same basic principles that must be followed in order to gain results and prevent injury.

Proper strength training techniques can come from a number of people, and as such art of training one’s body is more of a personal discovery often by trial and error, this event tends to yield some information that may be best for one person but sometimes only to himself. Myths in strength training techniques and weight training in general are common as methods vary from place to place as well as those who employ them. Check out these weight training techniques and why they may be unfit for you.

1.    Isolation exercises are better that compound exercises.

Compound exercises work more than one muscle group. Compound exercises can target muscles that are not used during isolations. Those who need to cover a lot of work in less time should opt for these. Too much exercise can also lead to burnout, so try to substitute compound moves in your routine.

2.    Warm-up equals high rep.

Warm-up reps can depend on your program. If you’re not using high reps in your regular sets then you might not want several high reps for warm-ups. Heavy sets tend gain more using 8-10 reps or fewer. Add imaginary resistance if you’re using lower rep as warm-ups to get more pump.

3.    Not resting between sets is best.

Rest should always be there. It separates the sets. Shorter time period should be allotted for strength focused training while longer rests tend to apply on endurance training. The more you rest the more set you can finish. The less you rest the more intense the workout can become.

4.    Stretching is necessary.

Warm up before engaging in heavy loads can be more beneficial than stretching.

This is now a growing issue as more and more people are now avoiding stretching to reduce injury risks.

5.    Reps should be quick.

Swift movements take away the pressure in the deed and get you more reps that are less effective compared to slow and controlled ones. Even when the weights being used are heavy, reps should never be a quick jerk that involves swinging other parts if not the whole body. They tend to use other muscle groups instead on focusing on the one being trained.

January 28th, 2011, 05:01:39 admin

tomatos Eating The Right Foods After Strength Training Should Be Your Number One Goal: 10 Essential Foods to Power Your Strength Training TechniquesWith the developments in sports nutrition and a growing demand for healthier ways to get in shape, more people are trying to find the best ways to eat right and therefore, complement their training programs. Gone are the days where the focus is on things like strength training techniques for women for example and men are only aware of how much weight they can lift. Smart training leads to better if not life changing results. Weight training techniques coupled with the right diet and proper rest can lead to increased performance and overall strength.

Adequate calorie intake is vital to a sound muscle strength training program. Strength training techniques can only be effective if you have enough energy to supply the deeds and enough nutrition to repair and replace muscles torn during the workout. In this case the only way to train and grow at the same time is by proper diet. Huge amounts of calories are needed to fuel both workouts and tissue building. Also, getting enough calories is as important as getting the right kind. These are some of the foods you should eat to complement your strength training techniques and get the best results:

1.    Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is the predominant energy source to power your strength training techniques. Stored as glycogen in the muscles, it is the fuel used to supply energy for short, intense bursts of power. The harder and longer you work out, the more glycogen your muscles require. For this reason, athletes doing strength training in the hopes of building lean muscle need to have an adequate carbohydrates intake. Experts recommend at least 500 to 600 grams of carbohydrate per day.

2.    Protein

Unlike carbohydrates and fat, protein is not a primary energy source, but it plays an important role in metabolism and muscle health. The goal of proper protein intake is to consume adequate amounts throughout the day, with extra doses after workouts. Consume 1-1.5g protein per body weight daily.

3.    Lean Beef

Lean beef is an ideal source of protein. So make sure to include in your regular diet.

4.    Eggs and Egg Whites

Eggs have almost everything you need. They’re one of the highest-quality protein sources around, because they contain all the necessary amino acid building blocks for healthy muscles.

5.    Soy

This vegetarian protein source is full of heart-healthy fats and, like all veggies, is cholesterol-free, yet it still provides your muscles with high-quality protein

6.    Legumes

Legumes such as lentils, beans, and peas come packed with both healthy protein and carbohydrates.

7.    Skinless Chicken Breasts

Skinless chicken breast is one of the leanest sources of protein. One 3-ounce serving has 94 calories, 20 grams of protein, and about 1 gram of fat.

8.    Fish

Seafood is an ideal protein because it’s low in artery-clogging saturated fat. Plus, fatty fish rich in omega-3 fats can help lower triglyceride levels. There are so many kinds to choose from that there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

9.    Creatine

When combined with a good diet and strength training program, this supplement has the potential to produce slightly more power during training. Research has also found that intake of creatine may help speed up muscle gain. While many creatine supplements are available, meat is the best natural dietary source.

10. Whey protein

Whey protein is a naturally complete protein, meaning that it contains all of the essential amino acids required in the daily diet. It has the ideal combination of amino acids to help improve body composition and enhance athletic performance. Whey protein is a rich source of branched chain amino acids, containing the highest known levels of any natural food source. Weight training for women can also benefit from whey protein shakes as they are the protein to go for those who are always on the go.

January 28th, 2011, 04:01:27 admin

strength training exercises push up Are You Using The Right Weights For Your Strength Training? 5 Strength Training Techniques For Improved Performance And A More Powerful YouAre You Using The Right Weights For Your Strength Training? 5 Strength Training Techniques For Improved Performance And A More Powerful You

Ever wonder why you don’t notice any improvement in your body or performance even with months of training or exercise? Most people think that strength training techniques for women will not make you strong and will make use of minimal or no resistance at all. In fact, all weight training techniques revolve around the same basic principles and most strength training techniques not only make use of varying weights but can also make one strong as an ox without having the lousy-looking muscles.

Strength training can be done in a number of ways and one common way is using exercise machines by employing weights. Weight training for women that effectively incorporates strength training techniques can help induce weight loss since muscle activities burn a lot of calories. What’s more know that strength training to couple sports or strenuous work also helps prevent injuries and so to get the most benefit from muscle strength training, you need to make sure you are using the appropriate amount of weight and are knowledgeable in proper strength training techniques. Here are some concepts to keep in mind:

1.    Hormones

Women are afraid to use enough weight when doing exercises because they are afraid they might develop gargantuan muscles. However, if you are just doing a normal strength training routine three times a week you will not bulk up. This is especially true for ladies whose bodies normally do not produce enough testosterone to allow them to bulk up. During strength training the weights need to be heavy enough to put pressure on your muscles. If the weights are too light there will not be enough shock you will not gain from it.

2.    Weight

To find the correct amount of weight you can use, the ten rep max principle must be employed. This will help you find the amount of weight to use in any exercise you will be doing. Using weights that prevent you from doing ten repetitions before losing form can cause injury. If more than ten repetitions can be done on a particular weight the more inadequate it will be in providing the results you seek.

3.    Ladder

The body can become accustomed to a particular workout if you continue to do the same exercises with the same weights again and again. Change the routine to keep the muscles from guessing. One way of doing this is by increasing the resistance or the load you use for the exercises. As you feel the increase in strength kick in after a few weeks of training, you will see that the exercises get much easier every time. That is the time to increase the weight you use by a little bit to impose continuous strain on muscles and achieve optimum results.

4.    Variety

Keep your body challenged without increasing weight. Do exercises from different angles, using free weights, or substituting exercises that target the same muscle groups.

5.    Time

Most body builders are in the gym week long for several hours on end. They perform multiple sets of each exercise with very heavy weights with some lifting the equivalent of a small car. Basic routines performing eight to twelve repetitions of each exercise to failure, two to three days a week will not be enough to build inhuman bowling ball muscles.

January 27th, 2011, 01:01:21 admin

sample 10 700x3202 Exercises/Routines You May Include In Your Strength Training TechniquesWhether you are a lady athlete or a female bodybuilder, you know for a fact that one of the things you should do to achieve your goals is to go through strength training. With muscle strength training, you get to improve yourself in terms of muscle strength and muscle size and you also promote overall health. This is why you and your trainer should come up with effective strength training techniques that can help you train well which will in turn give you the chance to perform better than ever in the competition and perhaps win. Isn’t that what you want?

Strength Training Techniques For Women & For Men

There is a strength or weight training for women and there’s another for men. In most cases, coaches train their female athletes differently from male athletes. Think of it as using a ballpoint pen and a sign pen. Although the two pens have a lot in common, the latter pen is strongly recommended for signing papers, checks and other documents while the former one is for regular use.

That concept is somehow similar to the weight training for women and men. The body of a male differs from the body of a female especially in terms of building muscles. Perhaps you know about those hormonal differences and other factors that make men gain muscle mass and strength easily compared to women. This happens to be the reason why strength training techniques for women were developed. Using the muscle strength training for men may not be that appropriate for the needs of female athletes and may cause serious injuries.

Useful Exercises/Routines To Include In Your Strength Training

Your coach or trainer may already have devised some weight training techniques for your use. But there are those trainers who collaborate first with their female athletes before coming up with a final set of strength training techniques. Here are some useful routines or exercises that you can include in your strength and weight training techniques:

  • Crunches

This involves lying with your back on the floor. Your legs should be bent and your feet flat on the floor. After that, position your hands on those thighs. Lift your head as well as your upper back off that floor. Do this while sliding your hands up your thighs until those hands are on your kneecaps. Then lower yourself back down again.

  • Yoga

There are Yoga classes focusing on building unified, whole body strength and improving posture. It is also an exercise that can contribute to flexibility and endurance. It can also be very relaxing.

  • Lunges

This involves standing in a split-stance. A split-stance is when you put your one leg forward and the other back. Then what you should do is you should bend your knees, and then lower your body into a lunge position. Make sure to keep your front and back knee at 90 degree angles. While you keep your weight in your heels, slowly push back up to your starting position. Reminders: don’t ever try to lock your knees at the top and you shouldn’t let your knee bend past your toes.

  • Squats

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend your knees and lower that backside of yours towards the floor. Remember to keep your feet flat on the floor while doing this. After that, stand up straight and repeat the steps.

  • Bench jumps

You simply have to jump up onto a bench with both feet. Then jump back down again. Do it over again for quite some time.

Other effective routines that you can include in your strength training techniques are press-ups, reverse press-ups, pull ups, push ups, bench dips, single-leg squats and more. Discover which ones can really help you gain muscle mass and strength.

January 27th, 2011, 01:01:54 admin

components strength1 5 Strength Training Techniques Every Woman Should KnowAre you doing your regular routine exercises but feel like nothing is really changing with your muscles and stamina at all? What is really the bottom-line of understanding the essence of strength training techniques? These are just two of the questions that every woman who aims to develop muscles while gaining weight at the same time should be concerned of.

Get The Correct Weight Training For You

Well for one, a woman may be rigidly doing exercise routines but then not using the correct muscle strength training or perhaps remains ignorant about the appropriate weight training techniques despite regularly frequenting the gym. In such case, everything becomes pointless and going to the gym to do work outs turns out to be a complete waste of money, time and effort. Here are just a few of the countless strength training techniques for women you should know to achieve maximum strength as you build some muscles:

The Essence Of Muscle Strength Training

First, do your research so that you may identify the necessary weight training techniques and muscle strength training methods you will need to achieve the strength and muscles you want. Know the need to achieve functional strength for you to accomplish all your daily chores as a mother, or carry out your sports as your child’s sparring mate or perhaps simply have fun with your children doing each of your own favorite hobbies.  That way the strength you achieve from doing weight training for women actually doubles the fun and benefits not just for you but for the whole family as well.

Specific Exercises For Multi-Tasking Women

Now, what are these strength training techniques that can give you Samson’s strength? Primarily, there are the specific exercise routines that will give you the speed you need as a multi-tasking mom, the flexibility to juggle up all your tasks as a mother and office girl at the same time and the muscular dexterity every good housekeeping mother needs to get all her household tasks done.  You will be surprised when you find out that doing the household chores alone are enough activities to be considered specific exercises which can give you the built muscles and strength you are longing for.

Resistance Techniques For Strength And Well-Built Muscles

By specific training it means employing “resistance” between your nerves and muscles to induce tightening which is very essential for building muscles and gaining strength. In fact, the best and cheapest resistance object you can use is your body. Make it the equipment you need to obtain the muscle strength and body toning you have always longed for. In fact, when you push heavy things such as the bulky furniture in your home while doing vacuum cleaning, you are already carrying out a simple resistance exercise. But then, you will also need to do other bodyweight or compound exercises to beef up your muscles and at the same time, boost your strength. That way, moving up and about day in and day out whether you are in your home or working at the office will be no problem with you at all.

January 27th, 2011, 12:01:36 admin

SuperStock 1291 154Woman Jogging Posters Strength Training Techniques for Women Jogging and walking are the most common exercises done by people of all ages.  Strength training techniques have been tagged as a training exercise technique fit only for athletes and body builders.  Muscular strength training has been set aside by many. They fear that it might just give them bodies that are not proportioned.  This is just a myth that one should set aside.  Strength training techniques are programmed and created to enhance and maintain muscular strength.   We should never fear doing strength training techniques for women.  A female body will never grow like those of a professional male body builder.  The female hormones do not allow the body to grow that huge and bulky.  It happens in some instances, but the female having that body either took in some medical assistance or she may have genes that allow her to be that massive.

The idea that muscular strength training is only for athletes should be set aside.  This is for everyone.  It is true that athletes benefit more to this but muscular strength training will reduce sports-related injuries. Besides protection, it also provides long-term resistance to the body.

Muscular strength training is defined as special techniques of physical conditioning.  This involves progressive use of resistive loads and a variety of training modules to enhance and maintain muscular fitness.  Weight training technique does not only enhance and maintain muscular fitness.   They carry with them countless benefit that can aid us especially as we grow old and when our muscles have gone torn from the many routinely work.  This special weight training techniques turn fats into muscles.  It also increases our metabolism.  This also has many effects to our bones and body tissues that make us well balanced and coordinated.  Strength training techniques do not only develop our physical body.  It also promotes and develops our well-being. It will surely make you feel young and fresh.  Muscular strength training techniques allow one to do routine work on a fast pace giving you more time to do lots of other things.   It will also make the body robust that injuries will not easily come.

Strength training technique is best for every one of all ages. Strength training techniques, particularly the weight training technique, does not define the right age to start the training. The younger or the earlier you start the better. For young kids, this can be done and will be a guide for them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Females are those that need to do strength training techniques on regular basis.  Women have lots of things to do and fulfill in their everyday lives especially if one is a working mum.  Women grow old to be fragile and prone to injuries.  The need for a woman to have muscular strength as she grows old is seen by fitness experts.  This gave birth to the creation of the program strength training technique for women.  This technique includes weight training technique for women.  This helps her largely as she grows old and much more when she enters into pre menopausal.

The earlier strength training techniques for women are applied, the results will be better. When a female starts strength training techniques at an early age, she will have the routine of a healthy lifestyle that can help her as she grows old.  As a child doing some muscle strength training, you will have a better self-esteem and confidence.  Weight training for women at a particular age is often adjusted to the figure of the woman.  This training will help and assist her in having a well-coordinated body as well as balance.

When you are into this strength training technique, you should bear in mind some things that will help you a lot in attaining desired goals.  One of them is that you should have a realistic expectation.  Muscular strength training gives you a lot of benefits, this does not happen in a wink.  You should do strength training techniques on a regular basis.

You should have a healthy and positive lifestyle if you are into strength training technique that is designed and programmed specifically for you. Muscular strength training specifically weight training alone does not give you a satisfactory effect.  You should have a healthy nutritious diet.  You should not smoke or drink too much alcohol.  Go and get a strength training technique that fits you and your lifestyle.  You should live your life to the fullest without overlooking some points and aspects of your personal life.  Muscular strength training will help you attain this.

January 27th, 2011, 12:01:50 admin

fitnesslines Home Exercises for Women3 The Reasons Women Should Have Strength Training TechniquesStrength training technique should be done regularly by everyone.  But then this is only done by most athletes and body builders. They are the ones who are religiously doing strength training techniques. Weight and strength training techniques prepare them for their big game.  Women on the other hand do not do muscle strength training. Women erroneously believe that this is not good for them. They thought that the weight training techniques will make them so large that they will not be gorgeous to look at. These wrong and erroneous beliefs should be shoved away and set aside.

Women need strength training techniques more.  Women have many daily routine activities especially if one is a working mother.  Besides the endless household chores, women still need to find and have time for other works.  Women need a weight training techniques especially as we grow old. Women become fragile as we grow old.  This is the reason that there is strength training techniques for women that are especially designed and created for women.

A professional health instructor should be sought for advice. A certain training technique for women is designed to fit specific body needs and structure.  A certain body weight and structure has its own specific muscle strength training technique that can help one attain the desired effects.  The effects of strength training techniques for women are not only visual.  It is also for her personal well-being.  Weight training techniques for women are sure to prevent osteoporosis and will help them attain body balance and coordination. At a young age, this will give them a firm strong figure.

There are benefits that a woman can attain in muscle strength training. Muscle strength training is also known as weight training techniques or resistance training. To mention a few, proper weight training gives increase to muscle mass and bone density. Women should not fear an increase in muscle mass. Female hormones do not allow this to happen unlike men. Women who have a bulky muscular body built may have genetics for that certain build or she might be using some medical aid or is using steroids. Female who has a build of professional body may have genetics that make her produce great levels of testosterone found mainly in men.

Strength training techniques are for women of all ages. Women who are in their pre menopausal and menopausal stage are also fit to do this weight training. Some doctors fear the strain of muscle strength. The thought that old age is fragile for this type of training is strong. They think that women of old age will only injure their weak body. This is not true. At any age, one can start your strength training techniques. A professional fitness instructor has a technique specifically designed according to your age and body built as well as your body’s characteristic. You should always bear in mind that muscle strength training helps your bones to be not prone to injury. Weight training techniques for women can help you shove off pre menopause symptoms.

The younger a woman starts doing strength training techniques, the better.  Weight training techniques for women help her attain good health and figure.  It also helps her in growing up as it does not make her have excessive fats and helps joints and body tissues.    You do not have to wait for a certain age to start strength training techniques for women.  Start now and attain the many benefits it has.

January 27th, 2011, 12:01:12 admin

strength training exercises Basic Strength Training Techniques for Women Strength training techniques for women refers to the exercise that requires muscles to exert force against some form of resistance.  This may be weight training technique or muscle strength training. Either of the two yields an amazing visual and inner result.  These training techniques should be performed two to three times weekly at twenty minutes.

Strength training techniques improve a woman’s muscle strength and endurance.  This will allow her to increase her performance of everyday work.  It will also improve her circulation, coordination, and balance. Take away the doubt that muscle strength training is not good for women.  It is good for women as it is for men.  A great technique that one should remember in performing muscle strength training for women is stretching.  Stretching is an essential activity in doing them. Stretching before weight training prepares the joints for motion and increases the range of motion of the area being stretched.   Stretching reduces soreness and helps prevent cramps.  There are some techniques that you should bear in mind while stretching.  You should stretch until you feel a slight tension. Hold for about ten to twenty seconds.

In performing strength training techniques for women, you should remember that proper body alignment and breathing are essential components in muscle strength training.  Proper body alignment happens when the feet are shoulder and width apart with knees slightly bent when you are standing.   Breathing should never be put to hold.  Breathing in should be done at rising exercise and breathing out during falling or going back to position exercise.  Breathing should be done in a rhythmic manner.  It is recommended to have a set of eight up to twelve repetitions.  As training had started, you should overload initially by increasing the number of repetitions and increasing free weights. Do not over-train yourself, but make sure that all muscle groups are included in every training session. Over-training results in fatigue and it always have an unpleasant effect.

One basic strength training technique for women is the upright row exercise. Upright row is an exercise designed for shoulders, neck and upper back.  This is done by standing with arms hanging in front of thighs.  Your palms should be facing your thighs and your dumbbells close together.  While you are keeping your palms close to your body, raise the dumbbells simultaneously to your chin. After doing the raising of dumbbells, lower it to the starting position and repeat this 8 to 12 times.

Another example of muscle strength training designed for women’s triceps is the one-arm dumbbell triceps cur.  This strength training technique is done by standing straight with head up and feet sixteen inches apart.  You hold your dumbbell in right hand and raise it overhead arm’s-length with the upper arm close to hear.  After doing so, you lower your dumbbell.  Lowering the dumbbell is done in semicircular motion behind head and until the forearm touches biceps.  When you return to the starting position you transfer dumbbell to your left arm and repeat procedure.  You can do a set of this for eight times.  Remember that you should inhale as you lift the dumbbell then exhale when putting it down.

Strength training techniques are easy and very beneficial for women.  Let us not be lazy in doing such especially that we are growing older.

The Reasons Women Should Have Strength Training Techniques

Strength training technique should be done regularly by everyone. But then this is only done by most athletes and body builders. They are the ones who are religiously doing strength training techniques. Weight and strength training techniques prepare them for their big game. Women erroneously believe that this is not good for them. read more...

Strength Training Techniques for Women

Jogging and walking are the most common exercises done by people of all ages. Strength training techniques have been tagged as a training exercise technique fit only for athletes and body builders. Muscular strength training has been set aside by many. They fear that it might just give them bodies that are not proportioned. This is just a myth that one should set aside. Strength training techniques are programmed and created to read more...

5 Strength Training Techniques Every Woman Should Know

Are you doing your regular routine exercises but feel like nothing is really changing with your muscles and stamina at all? What is really the bottom-line of understanding the essence of strength training techniques? These are just two of the questions that every woman who aims to develop muscles while gaining weight at the same time should be concerned of. read more...

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